- Master in Urban Design, Columbia University
- Bachelor of Architecture, Rhode Island School of Design, USA

- Bachelor of Environmental Design, Rhode Island School of Design, USA

- With three years of practice, I passed the state boards and became a full- fledged registered architect in NY. NYS license: 014537



I speak fluent English, French, Spanish and Catalan


ONGOING WORK 2010 to 2015

§  Design and renovation Louis Vuitton’s headquarters in Spain. The project includes the entrance hall, specific office areas as well as the creation of a History of the Belt Museum. LV Spain produces all the belts for the LVMH multinational.

§  Design and renovation of various 200m2 apartmenst in the Pedralbes section of Barcelona.

§  Design of the Venus, the Airo LED lamp collection, and the outdoor lighting collection LightBox and LightCube, amongst other projects; all for Carpyen.

RECENT WORK 2007-2009

§  Creation of the Unikman showroom. Unikman is the Scabal’s exclusive importer in Spain. The company offers tailor-made suits in Barcelona; these are confectioned with digital tools in their affiliated company located in Belgium.

§  Design of the Passport chair and lounge chair, both targeted at the hotel market, produced by Mondano.

§  Interior and landscape architecture of a 280 m2 floating residence in Dubai. The prototype, made with fiberglass structural beams, is a forerunner of a 5000 unit promotion. The unit sits on 9 reinforced concrete pontoons.

§  Interior architecture of a 600 m2 office for Ruyser in Badalona. The work consisted of an esthetic concept and layout proposal as well as plans, spec sheets and overseeing of the construction in reference to electricity, lighting, walls, glasswork, metalwork, carpentry, air conditioning, flooring and ceilings, etc.Ç

§  Design of bathroom furniture for Pom D’Or; this collection called Nara was introduced at the 2008 Milan Furniture Fair. Made of acrilo-ceramic and wood, it includes washbasins, horizontal and vertical containers, and mirrors.

§  Introduction in the 2008 Frankfurt Lighting Fair of the Keops wall bracket, the Hotel-Python and the Snaik LED wall bracket. At the same fair the Vips ceiling lamp was also presented as well as the rotational molding outdoor lamps Litebox / Litecube. All made by Carpyen.


§  2005: Creation of a new concept for a restaurant whose creative dishes are based on cheese. Called CHEESEME, the restaurant is a 160m2 two-floor space located in the trendiest eating area in Barcelona (calle Argenteria, in the Born district).

§  2003: Design and construction of IBERCONSEIL’s corporate headquarters, in Barcelona. IBERCONSEIL is Spain’s second largest cheese importer. A 450 m2 space, the work was published in PROYECTO CONTRACT (Casa Viva) issue: 3 (p. 96-103) as well as in HABITAT UFFICIO issue: 116 (p. 162-167)

§  2002: CORTES RESIDENCE Renovation of a Row house in Terrasa, the work was published in BCR issue number 6 of year II (Cover and p. 20-21)


§  Design of a 400 m2 traveling exhibit for the Barcelona Science Museum. The commission was won against 3 other prestigious design offices. The work is the most complex traveling exhibit produced by the Museum to date.

§  The design and construction of my own loft space in Barcelona. (see detailed list of publications below)

§  Design of the Barcelona corporate offices for "Mutua de Seguros Pelayo" in collaboration with Frederic Callis. This 1000 m2 of office space located on Calle Valencia, 313 is notable for its custom designed lighting, reception desks, and spiral staircase. I also designed an office on the Calle Alcala of Madrid and another on the Ronda Zamenhof in Sabadell as well as the showroom for Kemen office furniture. (see the list of published works below)


2005 to 2007

§  For CARPYEN LIGHTING. Introduced at the 2006 Frankfurt lighting fair: the PAPIROFLEXIA a versatile fluorescent hanging and wall collection made of stainless steel, and the MORGAN collection, a lamp series of cast metal designed for commercial applications. 2005 saw the creation of the VIPER flexible desk, wall and ceiling lamp collection, as well as the WAKI bathroom wall bracket lamps, and the all Pyrex CANDEL lamp using a mineral oil cartridge. Introduced in the September 2005 Valencia fair: the OMARA conical fluorescent torchere, the MONDRIAN collection for lighting 2D artwork, SQUARE, a 30x30 fluorescent fixture, POPPY a modern version of the petrol lamp, KIWI a miniature glass wall bracket, and PYTHON, a wall fixture especially designed as a reading lamp powered by LEDs.

§  For BONESTIL, design of a rotational molded stackable chair called DROP. Introduced in the Sept 04 Valencia fair, the chair is for terrace and outdoor use. Also for the same company, a cafeteria table called SPIRAL.

§  For IMAT, the design of a collection of airport welcome desks; the first production run was installed in Barcelona’s main airport. During the course of 2003, the desks were also installed in the Tenerife airport.

§  Creation of the ALUMINIO for Cosmic, Spain’s foremost company in bath complements and accessories. ALUMINIO is an extensive collection of extruded aluminum cupboards, containers and shelves.

1998 to 2001

§  Design of a travelling exhibit for the Barcelona Science Museum. This commission was won in against 3 other well-known design outfits, and qualifies as the Museum`s most ambitious exhibit of this kind at that date.

§  A complete collection of injection molded PP contract seating for Imat called ARGENTA, which was introduced at Construmat in Barcelona in 1999.

§  Sellex introduced a formed wood contract seating collection of my design named WOODY and in 2001, Blauet introduced the WIND information lamp.

§  Also noteworthy in 2001 MINI-HOOK series a smaller coat hanger version of the CAPTAIN HOOK series designed for SELLEX, and especially the introduction of the COMPOSIT by NOVA DIMENSIO, a 70 piece collection of containers, shelving systems, bed, tables, and more, all made of Wisa Birch wood and designed in tandem with F. Callis.

1995 to 1998:

§  "Bloc" lamp by Fontana Arte: an installation product using a metal halide bulb also for Fontana Arte (Italy) and the Me2 Wall fixture

§  Big Ben, by Candle, a Fontana Arte Company, BB is a compact fluorescent table lamp.

§  ZU2 by the Rapsel Group: a collection of bath accessories (Italy)

§  Winston and Cresendo lamps made by B.Lux in Spain (Spain)

§  Captain Hook by Sellex, a cothes rack system. (Spain)

§  Soda Lamp by Blauet, a glass lamp collection. (Spain)

1990 to 1995

§  Lisa, Mowgli, and Bookend lamps designed for Candle, a Fontana Arte Company

§  Von Braun and Kant collection; by Schopenhauer. These are glass and aluminum table and shelving systems. Schopenhauer is a Fontana Arte company.

§  Lua, Zip collection, and Piu lamps for B.Lux

§  Kibo, Kobe and Kabuki lamps for Van Lux

§  Tuki , a bookend that won the selection ADP in 1995, by Blauet


I have taught project courses in Industrial Design or Architecture at the Parsons School of Design, N.Y. and the New Jersey Institute of Technology in the USA, and in Barcelona, at Eina, Elisava and BAU. I presently teach a product project course at the latter two. I have been to South Korea as a design consultant in 1995 and 1996, by invitation of the Korean government. In 1995 I was a jury member for the 14th Expo Hogar design competition.


§  2003 Finalist in the international competition Lighting for Tomorrow with the Wave project. $3000.00 prize.
§ 1995 Certificate of Appreciation from South Korea’s KIDP, a state funded organization for work done in there.


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